It’s been four years since Blade and Soul first launched in Asia. For western fans of the game, the wait has been torture. But now that it’s finally here, it’s hard to see what all the fuss was about. Blending the traditions of fighting games and MMOs is a great idea, but Blade and Soul’s smart combat doesn’t propel it out of the shadow of other MMORPGs. It has too few surprises and lacks too many features. Compared to its free-to-play peers—especially NCSoft’s own Wildstar—Blade and Soul is a hard game to recommend.

If you’ve played any MMO in the past decade, you’re likely already familiar with every activity Blade and Soul will occupy you with. On your quest to reach the level cap and open up the endgame activities, you’ll journey through fantastical mountains and jungles, run dungeons, and, if the fancy strikes you, dabble in crafting and gathering skills. Blade and Soul rarely endeavors to do anything original with this formulaic structure, and what few deviations it makes have middling results.

Kicking everything but tradition

Your quest to avenge your friends and master after they’re murdered by the mysterious Jinsoyun has the weight of a Saturday morning cartoon. It’s good fun, but not exactly gripping stuff. And though there are charming moments, they’re stretched over the PvE campaign and getting to them felt like sitting at the dinner table while my mother threatened to withhold dessert until I finished my vegetables.

It’s a ceaseless barrage of ‘go here and kill X of Y’ quests mixed with a few variants that always fail to mix things up. Escaping from these quests is nearly impossible as they’re the only way to level up at a reasonable pace. Dungeons and PvP might suffice for more patient players, but the paltry experience points earned in either means it would take much longer to reach the same destination.




There’s also an annoying lack of quality-of-life features. Monsters or objects that you need for quests are available to everyone, not just you, which can make questing in crowded zones a nightmare as there’s no way to share the progress you earn from killing monsters with other players unless you group together. You can switch between “channels” in hopes of finding an instance of a zone that isn’t as populated, but it’s an inelegant solution to a problem that was solved years ago, made even more puzzling when you realize that the many bosses found wandering the zones will share their rewards equally whether you kill them as part of a group or not.

Dungeons are typically a welcome distraction from the bread and butter questing in other MMOs, but I found many to be unimaginative and short—most are barely dungeons in the traditional sense. Instead, they’re five minute romps through one indistinguishable cave or another with an anticlimactic boss waiting at the end. Instead of demanding teamwork or mastery of your class, even the bigger, more elaborate dungeons feel like a breeze. I never struggled to beat them as an incomplete party well beneath the recommended level.

Gathering and crafting are underdeveloped, too, requiring nothing more than time and money. You can join two crafting and two gathering guilds, but the process of acquiring resources feels is just a money sink, not a rewarding investment. You simply select what item you want to craft or gather, pay the fee, and then wait a certain amount of real time (around 20 minutes) and collect the item.


Like most free-to-play games, Blade and Soul has an in-game cash shop for you to spend real money or a special in-game currency on. Fortunately, those who choose to ignore the cash shop won’t be at any real disadvantage as the items are either cosmetic or for convenience, like keys that guarantee the weapons found in a chest can be used by your class.

If there’s one aspect of the PVE experience worth recognizing, it’s that Blade and Soul’s environments are gorgeous. They don’t necessarily feel cohesive, and there’s very little convincing you that you’re exploring a living world, but the backdrop and flavors of each zone are wonderful to look at. Sadly, performance was somewhat uneven as frame dips and hitches were common and unaffected by tweaking the graphics settings.

The art design will be contentious, however, as it insists nearly every woman be scantily clad, busty, and tiny-waisted. The character creator has a good degree of flexibility, but it’s obvious what it’s going for. I had a great time hunting down new costumes, for instance, and all have elements of true artistry that I adored, but it’s disappointing that many feel like they were fully designed before someone sneaked in with scissors one night and snipped breast holes into them. At least the race you choose makes a difference—the Yun and the cat-like Lyn both seem to have more sensible portrayals compared to the Gon and Jin.

What ultimately turned me off about the characters was the embarrassing breast physics that caused every woman’s chest, big or small, to bounce around like two helium balloons on a windy day. I realize that skimpy costumes and absurdly bouncy chests are par for the course in anime, but the adolescent fantasy detracts from the whole thing—I want to play as a badass fighter, not a hypersexualized doll.


I know kung fu

All of this would paint Blade and Soul as another ‘been there done that’ Korean MMORPG if it weren’t for one thing: the excellent player-versus-player combat that feels more like playing a fighting game than an MMO. It’s already a popular esport in the East, and I suspect it’ll only continue to grow as western competitors join the ranks.

At any time, you can hop into an arena lobby and get matched against another player. In these duels the stats of your gear are equalized, making victory entirely about raw skill rather than who has the better equipment.

But there’s a big problem with the PvP: It can’t truly be appreciated until you’ve already pushed through the dreadfully dull PvE and leveled your character up to the cap. While arena matches equalize gear, you won’t have access to all of your abilities until you’ve unlocked them through leveling. Even worse, from what I could tell, little attempt is made to pair you with opponents of similar levels. Early on I was frequently matched against players 20 levels higher than me, resulting in a huge disadvantage when I hadn’t even unlocked my most powerful skills.

Each of the seven classes has their own unique approach to combat that feels highly distinctive. Though I initially fell in love with the kung fu master’s reliance on combos and counters, I quickly came to prefer the sheer brutality of the destroyer, who wields a massive axe and can chokehold opponents while smashing their face repeatedly.


Instead of mashing complicated hotkey rotations while relying on auto-attacks to fill in the blanks, combat in Blade and Soul lets you take direct control of your character. There’s a satisfying complexity to the way your abilities branch out over the course of a fight depending on what state you and your opponent are both in. Getting grabbed or knocked onto your back will swap the skills on your hotkey bar for situational abilities that can be properly timed to help swing the fight back in your favor. Playing as my destroyer, a well timed counter could send my opponent flying, opening them up to the punishment of a pile driver.

This fluid approach to combat creates a tense give-and-take that looks elegant while rewarding skill and timing. Even against an obviously better opponent, I never felt completely outmatched in a fight when one well-timed counter could swing the odds back in my favor. I threw my hands up in victory more than once.

Sadly, outside of the arena, combat doesn’t have nearly the same effect—especially against the countless monsters on the journey to the endgame. Though most will make some attempt to mimic the abilities used when fighting other players, they’re hardly a substitute. I found the general difficulty of most of the PvE combat to be disappointingly easy. Instead of dynamic and challenging combat, fighting most of the computer controlled enemies became a boring routine. Like other MMOs, I spammed the same rotations of abilities over and over again as I cleaved my way across the world while eying my experience bar as if it were the hands of a clock on the last day of school.

This is where the tension in Blade and Soul’s aspirations to be an MMO and a highly competitive fighting game is at its worst. And where I wish that the entire MMO aspect could be made optional or done away with entirely. If the PvE and leveling were actually fun, I might be more forgiving of the way PvP is held hostage until you’ve invested several dozen hours grinding your character to level 45. But as it is, I just can’t imagine many of the competitive players Blade and Soul could attract are going to look kindly on investing that time before they can even get to the good part of the game.

Without other distractions like housing or more in-depth crafting, Blade and Soul feels pretty light. Outside of the PvP, it’s just the same grind that’s already done much better in other games. If the PvP were more immediately accessible to new players, I don’t think that’d be nearly as big of a problem, but Blade and Soul insists on being a derivative MMO first and a great competitive fighting game second.

2007RunescapeGold 2016 Review

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Albion Online Tank Destiny Board

Here’s an illustration using the tank Albion Online items (bottom left corner on the destiny board).


You can see an overall count of 9 nodes for the available tank gear. Each node corresponds to either the .1, .2 or the .3 line. In that sense, if someone refers to a pair of .2 plate boots, that’s the second node in the bottom row.

Each of these nodes can be unlocked by unlocking the previous node in the row. To unlock the .3 plate boots, you first have to unlock the .1 and .2 boots. If your build just includes the .1 plate chest (item in the middle of the .1 line), you can stop there and ignore any further nodes in the chest row.

Let’s assume you want to level up the .2 plate helmet for your build. You click the corresponding icon (second one in the top row) and a neat window opens:


On the left-hand side of the window, you’ve got your progression indicator. The “Unlocked Rewards” tab on the right side shows you which items you’ve already unlocked. Currently, I can wear the tier 4 version of the .2 plate boots (4.2 plate boots in other words). To unlock the tier 5 version, I would need to spend 7 learning points or acquire an additional 150k fame.

The same principles apply to all other portions of the best way to Buy Albion Online Silver. If you have any other questions, let me know.

Guide – How to play Blade & Soul with Korean or Japanese audio

Guide - How to play Blade & Soul with Korean or Japanese audio

If you want to play Blade&Soul with the Korean or Japanese voices, you can do it now. All you have to do is follow those simple steps below:

1. Download the audio files

Japanese Audio: Here

Korean Audio: Here
2. Install the files
Create a folder in Blade&Soul installation’s location. By default it is this:

C:\Program Files (x86)\NCSOFT\BnS\contents\Local\NCWEST\E­NGLISH\CookedPC

And name the folder “mods”

Then extract the audio files inside the “mods” folder.

3 Start game and Press Enter when dialogue box pops up.

Now each time you will start Blade and Soul several windows will keep popping up, telling you that an unknown file has been spotted.

Don’t worry!

Just press and hold ENTER until they stop. Then you can play the game with the language of your preference.

From now on all the audio will be in the language of your choice with English subtitles and in contrary to the English version, now secondary quests and even random wandering NPCs will have voiced dialogue as well.

Blade And Soul: the Adorable Pet

Pets are coming to the world of Blade and Soul! These often cute and cuddly (although sometimes fearsome and battle-hardened) companions will follow you on your adventures throughout the Realm. But their benefit isn’t just cosmetic! While they don’t fight themselves, these little guys and gals offer defensive bonuses when kept well fed.

Blade And Soul: the Adorable Pet

Pets are usable by level 50 players, and can be obtained as rare drops from Heroic dungeons, or randomly in pet pouches available from the Hongmoon Store. They also come in multiple quality types, which determines if they can be traded and upgraded. The lower quality Superior (blue) pets cannot be traded or upgraded, and are commonly used as starting pets, or as material sources to evolve the higher quality Heroic (purple) pets. Salvaging pets will provide Enhancement Stones, which can also be transmuted out of other materials, and then used to upgrade Heroic quality pets through their evolve screen (similar to weapons).

You can evolve a Heroic pet 10 times, and increasing your pet level will provide them with increasingly powerful defensive bonuses.

It’s important to note that the defensive bonuses don’t differ based on the type of pet you use. All pets are purely cosmetic options—use and upgrade whichever one you like the look of best! Available pets include a ghost, panda, grizzly cub, dragon, a cute little sheep, an infernal, a few different colors of penguins, and the new griffon and otter pets designed just for North America and Europe! The new griffon pet is available with Vengeance Breaks, and the otter will be available a bit later down the line.

Blade And Soul: the Adorable Pet

While pets don’t fight in combat or take damage, they will need a supply of Petnip to eat. Your pet will show a countdown timer of how long it will provide its defensive bonus when mousing over its summoning item. When that time runs out, the pet will unsummon and you’ll lose the buff. But by transmuting Petnip and using it to refill their meter, you can continue to receive their sweet, sweet defensive benefits. Thanks little guy!

Pets arrive with the Vengeance Breaks update on June 1, along with tons of other great content! Head over to the 2.2 update overview page for all the details.

BnS Life System – Gathering Professions and Crafting Professions

Professions (production in normal game) are divided into two categories: gathering and crafting. Every character in Blade & Soul can pick up 2 Crafting jobs and 2 gathering jobs at most.

Gathering: You don’t need to collect materials item yourself in Blade & Soul, instead, you pay to NPCs and they will collect for you. You can get materials after a time.


Crafting: Similar to gathering, you don’t make an item yourself. Instead, you collect materials and hand them over to NPCs who will make the item. You pay the money and get the item.

Production system in Blade & Soul at the present time:

Gathering Professions include farming, hunting, fishing, ginseng gathering, mining, quarrying, and lumbering.

Crafting Professions include blacksmithing, sculpture, refining, cooking, pharmacy, pottery, and witch.

Blade & Soul Avalanche Den Guide to both 6 man and 4 man

Hey guys! The new Frozen Venomcap Dungeon is here and it drops the amazing new Upgrade Nebula Stones. These stones are awesome and I not only made a guide as to how to farm the dungeon properly, but also a breakdown of their value.

Hey all! Here are my guides to both 6 man and 4 man Avalanche Den Fights, the six man guide is a little more detailed in the general fight whereas the 4 man guide specifically sticks to the mechanics that have changed in that mode and how to adapt to it, I hope you enjoy!

Six Man Guide:

Four Man Guide:

Blade And Soul Video – How to Make More Gold

Just want to give my appreciation and sincere gratitude for your service to the gaming community. As a reviewer, publisher and gamer you are one of the best in my opinion. Not because you got a soothing voice or hot ingame characters (gratz to BNS Gold) but because you provide good gaming advice, and speak opinions without giving the idea that its other than that while still maintaining legitimate pros and cons for everything you put your eyes on. I feel you are one of the most unbiased publishers for games on the net, even when you obviously do not like the game!

How about reaching level 50 in Blade & Soul

In Blade & Soul, reaching level 50 means continuing to refine your character, progress through increasingly difficult end-game content, and engaging in repeatable content for consistent rewards. Upon reaching level 50 you have a broad range of content types and activities to engage in.

Coordinated group content is one of the most commonly explored types of content at max level, allowing you to take on increasingly difficult content for better rewards. Whether you queue for an instance alone, or approach it with a group of friends, dungeons are one of the best ways to continually improve your character.
Expert Dungeons
Good for: Gold, Experience
Tainted Lab
Talus Dungeon
Ogong’s Folly
The Shrieking Caverns
Chuanka Ice Cavern
Heroic Dungeons (available in 6-member and 4-member)

Good for: Gold, Experience, Weapon/Accessory Evolution Materials, Cosmetics, Soul Shields
Avalanche Den
Awakened Necropolis
Lair of the Frozen Fang

Large scale content can take place in a variety of locations, including in some areas you may have visited in the smaller scale dungeons. In Silverfrost Mountains all of the large scale content is unique, and offers additional content outside of the smaller instances.

Good for: Gold, Experience
Located in east Skypetal Plains
Defeat the Beastbog Brigands, Skilled Warriors, mini-bosses Cold Blood & Hot Blood, and Bay Lee
Chance for a special extra boss after Bay Lee
Frostscale Basin

Good for: Gold, Experience, Cosmetics
Located in northeast Shiverstone Range.
Defeat the various tribes of enemies in Frostscale Basin in order to summon Balroks.
Once you have defeated three Balroks, the mighty Dark Balrok will spawn.
Plog Sanctum

Good for: Gold, Experience
Located in northeast Skypetal Plains
Defeat the Thunder Dragon, Toxic Thrasher, Glacierback, Tricolor Giganura, and the Golden Giganura.
Coordinate with your group to successfully summon and defeat the final boss.
Grand Harvest Square Raid

How about reaching level 50 in Blade & Soul

Good for: Gold, Experience
Located in north Skypetal Plains.
Three times a day, the Exterminator and his minions invade Grand Harvest Square.
Check the clock in-game to see when a raid is happening.
Soulstone Plains

Good for: Gold, Experience, Faction Contribution Points, Soulstones, Moonstones
We recently posted an overview of the Soulstone Plains faction event.

Good for: Gold, Experience
Daily quests offer short and repeatable tasks for consistent rewards—usually for helping local townspeople. Daily quests are generally not as lucrative as dungeons or large scale content, but can still offer useful items and rewards, and can help continue to propel your character forward.
Herbalist’s Lodge

Located in south Shiverstone Range. Offers several daily quests for the surrounding areas.
Snowforest Monastery

Located in the western part of the Primeval Forest. Offers several daily quests for the surrounding areas.
Grand Harvest Square

Located in the northern area of Skypetal Plains. Offers dailies for groups to kill epic monsters in Skypetal Plains.

Good for: Gold, Experience, Season Rewards, Zen Beans
PvP can be fun at all levels, and you can take on 1v1 and 3v3 daily quests for increased rewards. This is in addition to the normal rewards obtained through the matches themselves, and it’s a good idea to pick these up and complete them as often as possible.