[West]Vote for the best Costume design!

Blade & Soul Costume Design Contest

Cast your Vote! Choose a design to be added to Blade & Soul at launch!

We’ve received tons of entries for our Blade & Soul Costume Design Contest, but now it’s time for you, the fans, to decide which one will be made into a costume for the launch of Blade & Soul!

We tasked players to design a costume for both genders of one race, one gender for all races, or all races and genders. When choosing our finalists, we looked for a great design, original thinking, and something that really stood out. It was a very tough decision, with some amazing entries from all over the world. The NCSOFT WEST Team and Art Director at NCSOFT HQ in South Korea have made their finalists choices, so now it’s all up to you!

The contest winners will have their nickname added to the costume design item description in the game “…created by the Costume Design Contest Winner, NICKNAME.” Both winners will also receive an IRL wearable item, an exclusive poster, and $50 worth of NCoin to spend when the game launches. All of the other finalists will receive $20 worth of NCoin and an exclusive poster as well.

There will be one winner from North America and one from Europe, and both costumes will be put into the game at launch; so don’t be afraid to vote for both regions! Voting closes on July 26th at 11:59pm PDT, and winners will be announced on July 28th at 10:00am PDT on our livestream.

Remember to vote for one North American winner and one European winner! Just click the VOTE button beneath the design you want to vote for.

It is believed that you can make a choice to decide your own Blade & Soul Costume Design by click here to buy more Blade And Soul Items before the launch day.
Don’t forget to share this page and encourage friends to vote as well!

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