Blade & Soul: Unusual Loot System

NCSoft’s Blade & Soul has a high emphasis on dungeons that are essential to complete in order to get your equipment evolution material items. This means that you will most likely be spamming some of the instances until you finally get the desired weapon or accessory.

Many of you must have noticed the unusual way loot distribution works in Blade & Soul. Unlike in most MMOs, Blade & Soul has a loot system that revolves around bidding on the drops within-game currency. This is a rather strange way to go and it reminds me of the good old sell runs in WoW, back when ICC arrived and with the use of an addon, the raid leader could create auctions for the dropped items and by the end of the raid the total collected gold was distributed between those who have not taken any loot.


This auction-style distribution system seems to be slightly malfunctioning in the west as many of the players are simply bidding on the loot in order to raise the amount of in-game currency that is split between the party members, making it hard for those who actually want the item to end up getting it.

To be honest, it currently seems that the whole loot distribution system needs some heavy adjustments from the developers as this also seems to cause issues when questing in groups. During my 2-3 weeks of Blade & Soul gaming so far, I have bumped into plenty of situations when players simply decided to bid on weapons that were not even used by their classes, just to make more money.

Hopefully, NCSoft will address this problem in the near future or they can expect plenty of angry looks from the current western player base.

How to play Blade & Soul with a controller

This guide will most probably work for authentic Xbox controllers, the compatibility with other types hasn’t been tested yet. Also, I WILL NOT take responsibility, if you damage your PC in any way while trying to apply the guide’s instructions.

If yo have any further questions, leave a comment and I will get to you as soon as I can.

Step 1
Download antimicro. You don’t have to install it, only extract it and run the program as Administrator. Antimicro should find your gamepad automatically, assuming everything is okay with it.

Step 2
Download one of these antimicro profiles:
Boilerplate – A simple profile with only the basic combat skills mapped.
Complete – A more detailed profile that includes mappings for items, some menus, zoom, etc.

Step 3
Once you download a profile, place it inside the “profiles” directory located within antimicro’s install directory. Click the “Load” button within antimicro and select the profile.

Step 4
Setup Blade and Soul settings.
Set it to use BnS mode.
Set all key bindings to default.
Set the auto-run key binding to the “G” key.
Congratulations, You’re done !!!



Button Mapping