How to play Blade & Soul with a controller

This guide will most probably work for authentic Xbox controllers, the compatibility with other types hasn’t been tested yet. Also, I WILL NOT take responsibility, if you damage your PC in any way while trying to apply the guide’s instructions.

If yo have any further questions, leave a comment and I will get to you as soon as I can.

Step 1
Download antimicro. You don’t have to install it, only extract it and run the program as Administrator. Antimicro should find your gamepad automatically, assuming everything is okay with it.

Step 2
Download one of these antimicro profiles:
Boilerplate – A simple profile with only the basic combat skills mapped.
Complete – A more detailed profile that includes mappings for items, some menus, zoom, etc.

Step 3
Once you download a profile, place it inside the “profiles” directory located within antimicro’s install directory. Click the “Load” button within antimicro and select the profile.

Step 4
Setup Blade and Soul settings.
Set it to use BnS mode.
Set all key bindings to default.
Set the auto-run key binding to the “G” key.
Congratulations, You’re done !!!



Button Mapping


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