Blade And Soul Video – How to Make More Gold

Just want to give my appreciation and sincere gratitude for your service to the gaming community. As a reviewer, publisher and gamer you are one of the best in my opinion. Not because you got a soothing voice or hot ingame characters (gratz to BNS Gold) but because you provide good gaming advice, and speak opinions without giving the idea that its other than that while still maintaining legitimate pros and cons for everything you put your eyes on. I feel you are one of the most unbiased publishers for games on the net, even when you obviously do not like the game!

How about reaching level 50 in Blade & Soul

In Blade & Soul, reaching level 50 means continuing to refine your character, progress through increasingly difficult end-game content, and engaging in repeatable content for consistent rewards. Upon reaching level 50 you have a broad range of content types and activities to engage in.

Coordinated group content is one of the most commonly explored types of content at max level, allowing you to take on increasingly difficult content for better rewards. Whether you queue for an instance alone, or approach it with a group of friends, dungeons are one of the best ways to continually improve your character.
Expert Dungeons
Good for: Gold, Experience
Tainted Lab
Talus Dungeon
Ogong’s Folly
The Shrieking Caverns
Chuanka Ice Cavern
Heroic Dungeons (available in 6-member and 4-member)

Good for: Gold, Experience, Weapon/Accessory Evolution Materials, Cosmetics, Soul Shields
Avalanche Den
Awakened Necropolis
Lair of the Frozen Fang

Large scale content can take place in a variety of locations, including in some areas you may have visited in the smaller scale dungeons. In Silverfrost Mountains all of the large scale content is unique, and offers additional content outside of the smaller instances.

Good for: Gold, Experience
Located in east Skypetal Plains
Defeat the Beastbog Brigands, Skilled Warriors, mini-bosses Cold Blood & Hot Blood, and Bay Lee
Chance for a special extra boss after Bay Lee
Frostscale Basin

Good for: Gold, Experience, Cosmetics
Located in northeast Shiverstone Range.
Defeat the various tribes of enemies in Frostscale Basin in order to summon Balroks.
Once you have defeated three Balroks, the mighty Dark Balrok will spawn.
Plog Sanctum

Good for: Gold, Experience
Located in northeast Skypetal Plains
Defeat the Thunder Dragon, Toxic Thrasher, Glacierback, Tricolor Giganura, and the Golden Giganura.
Coordinate with your group to successfully summon and defeat the final boss.
Grand Harvest Square Raid

How about reaching level 50 in Blade & Soul

Good for: Gold, Experience
Located in north Skypetal Plains.
Three times a day, the Exterminator and his minions invade Grand Harvest Square.
Check the clock in-game to see when a raid is happening.
Soulstone Plains

Good for: Gold, Experience, Faction Contribution Points, Soulstones, Moonstones
We recently posted an overview of the Soulstone Plains faction event.

Good for: Gold, Experience
Daily quests offer short and repeatable tasks for consistent rewards—usually for helping local townspeople. Daily quests are generally not as lucrative as dungeons or large scale content, but can still offer useful items and rewards, and can help continue to propel your character forward.
Herbalist’s Lodge

Located in south Shiverstone Range. Offers several daily quests for the surrounding areas.
Snowforest Monastery

Located in the western part of the Primeval Forest. Offers several daily quests for the surrounding areas.
Grand Harvest Square

Located in the northern area of Skypetal Plains. Offers dailies for groups to kill epic monsters in Skypetal Plains.

Good for: Gold, Experience, Season Rewards, Zen Beans
PvP can be fun at all levels, and you can take on 1v1 and 3v3 daily quests for increased rewards. This is in addition to the normal rewards obtained through the matches themselves, and it’s a good idea to pick these up and complete them as often as possible.

Blade & Soul’s First Expansion Silverfrost Mountains is Now Live

NCSOFT West announced today that Blade & Soul’s first expansion, Silverfrost Mountains, is live for all players. The expansion unlocks a never-before-seen continent full of new zones, quests and challenging endgame content. It increases the character level cap to 50 and the Hongmoon level to 10.

Silverfrost Mountains is the biggest leap forward thus far in the Blade & Soul story, further unraveling the mysterious and dynamic tale of revenge. It will incorporate additional zones as well as unveil a brand-new capital city and eight exciting new dungeons. With zones like the verdant Primeval Forests to the icy peaks of Shiverstone Range, the narrative reaches new heights as players must protect Zaiwei, the capital of Silverfrost Mountains. The danger awaiting players in the Awakened Necropolis, Avalanche Den, and Lair of the Frozen Fang Heroic dungeons will present players with new challenging content in their quests to exact revenge against Jinsoyun.