BnS Life System – Gathering Professions and Crafting Professions

Professions (production in normal game) are divided into two categories: gathering and crafting. Every character in Blade & Soul can pick up 2 Crafting jobs and 2 gathering jobs at most.

Gathering: You don’t need to collect materials item yourself in Blade & Soul, instead, you pay to NPCs and they will collect for you. You can get materials after a time.


Crafting: Similar to gathering, you don’t make an item yourself. Instead, you collect materials and hand them over to NPCs who will make the item. You pay the money and get the item.

Production system in Blade & Soul at the present time:

Gathering Professions include farming, hunting, fishing, ginseng gathering, mining, quarrying, and lumbering.

Crafting Professions include blacksmithing, sculpture, refining, cooking, pharmacy, pottery, and witch.

Blade & Soul Avalanche Den Guide to both 6 man and 4 man

Hey guys! The new Frozen Venomcap Dungeon is here and it drops the amazing new Upgrade Nebula Stones. These stones are awesome and I not only made a guide as to how to farm the dungeon properly, but also a breakdown of their value.

Hey all! Here are my guides to both 6 man and 4 man Avalanche Den Fights, the six man guide is a little more detailed in the general fight whereas the 4 man guide specifically sticks to the mechanics that have changed in that mode and how to adapt to it, I hope you enjoy!

Six Man Guide:

Four Man Guide: