2007RunescapeGold 2016 Review

The 2007RunescapeGold, as the title leads on, is specifically for Runescape currency purchasing. This website is popular among Runescape players because it focuses specifically on Runescape, not other MMO games. 2007RunescapeGold is an established company, starting in 2015, that takes pride in being a reputable website to purchase Runescape Gold from.

Customer Service

2007RunescapeGold has live customer service chat 24 hours a day, every day. They are trained to help you through an entire transaction, from finding what you need to making sure your purchase is delivered. In addition to the live chat option, there is also an e-mail address available and a toll-free number offered to US and Canadian residents.

Bank of Runescape is determined to make sure that all their customers experience a satisfactory experience. If a customer doesn’t have a satisfactory experience, the refund policy in place allows for a refund, if requested, at any time before the gold is delivered.

2007RunescapeGold also boasts a loyalty program for its customers. When a purchase of $10 is made, the customer will receive .6 bonus points. One bonus point translates to $1. These points are used for purchasing future transactions.

Prices and Delivery Options
2007RunescapeGold, unlike other MMO currency websites, only allows delivery through Auction House. The prices are usually low and very affordable. If the prices seem high at times, there is a newsletter available that can notify you of dropped prices. For signing up to receive the newsletter, a coupon for your first purchase is given.
The estimated delivery times are typically between 1 and 48 hours. If you are interested in finding out an estimated delivery time for your purchase you do one of two things.

The first option is to contact customer service. They will be able to provide an expected delivery time. The second option is a graph put together to display the probability of your gold transaction arriving in one of the five expected time frames. These predictions are based off of previous gold purchases and delivery times.

Payment Methods
2007RunescapeGold conducts transactions through PayPal. the website is protected and secured by McAfee (tested daily) and verified by VeriSign and PayPal, offering the highest care for all customer transactions.

Payment can be made using PayPal account funds or a linked credit card to the account. If you dont’ have an account, and do not care to sign up for one, you can also purchase OSRS Gold using a Visa, American Express, Discover or MasterCard credit card.

Currency Only!
Unfortunately, 2007RunescapeGold only offers OSRS Gold. This website, unlike its competitors, does not offer things like power leveling services, CD keys, accounts, gear or items.

I choosen 2007RunescapeGold for the price that it was really the cheapest I found. I contacted the support and they told me that they would delivered my order by auction and that I should have to wait 48h. I was not interested a fast delivery so I placed my order and I received it after 2 days. I can say that I had a good experience, and I can guarantee that 2007RunescapeGold prices for Cheap RS Gold are very very cheap!

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