Blade And Soul: the Adorable Pet

Pets are coming to the world of Blade and Soul! These often cute and cuddly (although sometimes fearsome and battle-hardened) companions will follow you on your adventures throughout the Realm. But their benefit isn’t just cosmetic! While they don’t fight themselves, these little guys and gals offer defensive bonuses when kept well fed.

Blade And Soul: the Adorable Pet

Pets are usable by level 50 players, and can be obtained as rare drops from Heroic dungeons, or randomly in pet pouches available from the Hongmoon Store. They also come in multiple quality types, which determines if they can be traded and upgraded. The lower quality Superior (blue) pets cannot be traded or upgraded, and are commonly used as starting pets, or as material sources to evolve the higher quality Heroic (purple) pets. Salvaging pets will provide Enhancement Stones, which can also be transmuted out of other materials, and then used to upgrade Heroic quality pets through their evolve screen (similar to weapons).

You can evolve a Heroic pet 10 times, and increasing your pet level will provide them with increasingly powerful defensive bonuses.

It’s important to note that the defensive bonuses don’t differ based on the type of pet you use. All pets are purely cosmetic options—use and upgrade whichever one you like the look of best! Available pets include a ghost, panda, grizzly cub, dragon, a cute little sheep, an infernal, a few different colors of penguins, and the new griffon and otter pets designed just for North America and Europe! The new griffon pet is available with Vengeance Breaks, and the otter will be available a bit later down the line.

Blade And Soul: the Adorable Pet

While pets don’t fight in combat or take damage, they will need a supply of Petnip to eat. Your pet will show a countdown timer of how long it will provide its defensive bonus when mousing over its summoning item. When that time runs out, the pet will unsummon and you’ll lose the buff. But by transmuting Petnip and using it to refill their meter, you can continue to receive their sweet, sweet defensive benefits. Thanks little guy!

Pets arrive with the Vengeance Breaks update on June 1, along with tons of other great content! Head over to the 2.2 update overview page for all the details.

How about reaching level 50 in Blade & Soul

In Blade & Soul, reaching level 50 means continuing to refine your character, progress through increasingly difficult end-game content, and engaging in repeatable content for consistent rewards. Upon reaching level 50 you have a broad range of content types and activities to engage in.

Coordinated group content is one of the most commonly explored types of content at max level, allowing you to take on increasingly difficult content for better rewards. Whether you queue for an instance alone, or approach it with a group of friends, dungeons are one of the best ways to continually improve your character.
Expert Dungeons
Good for: Gold, Experience
Tainted Lab
Talus Dungeon
Ogong’s Folly
The Shrieking Caverns
Chuanka Ice Cavern
Heroic Dungeons (available in 6-member and 4-member)

Good for: Gold, Experience, Weapon/Accessory Evolution Materials, Cosmetics, Soul Shields
Avalanche Den
Awakened Necropolis
Lair of the Frozen Fang

Large scale content can take place in a variety of locations, including in some areas you may have visited in the smaller scale dungeons. In Silverfrost Mountains all of the large scale content is unique, and offers additional content outside of the smaller instances.

Good for: Gold, Experience
Located in east Skypetal Plains
Defeat the Beastbog Brigands, Skilled Warriors, mini-bosses Cold Blood & Hot Blood, and Bay Lee
Chance for a special extra boss after Bay Lee
Frostscale Basin

Good for: Gold, Experience, Cosmetics
Located in northeast Shiverstone Range.
Defeat the various tribes of enemies in Frostscale Basin in order to summon Balroks.
Once you have defeated three Balroks, the mighty Dark Balrok will spawn.
Plog Sanctum

Good for: Gold, Experience
Located in northeast Skypetal Plains
Defeat the Thunder Dragon, Toxic Thrasher, Glacierback, Tricolor Giganura, and the Golden Giganura.
Coordinate with your group to successfully summon and defeat the final boss.
Grand Harvest Square Raid

How about reaching level 50 in Blade & Soul

Good for: Gold, Experience
Located in north Skypetal Plains.
Three times a day, the Exterminator and his minions invade Grand Harvest Square.
Check the clock in-game to see when a raid is happening.
Soulstone Plains

Good for: Gold, Experience, Faction Contribution Points, Soulstones, Moonstones
We recently posted an overview of the Soulstone Plains faction event.

Good for: Gold, Experience
Daily quests offer short and repeatable tasks for consistent rewards—usually for helping local townspeople. Daily quests are generally not as lucrative as dungeons or large scale content, but can still offer useful items and rewards, and can help continue to propel your character forward.
Herbalist’s Lodge

Located in south Shiverstone Range. Offers several daily quests for the surrounding areas.
Snowforest Monastery

Located in the western part of the Primeval Forest. Offers several daily quests for the surrounding areas.
Grand Harvest Square

Located in the northern area of Skypetal Plains. Offers dailies for groups to kill epic monsters in Skypetal Plains.

Good for: Gold, Experience, Season Rewards, Zen Beans
PvP can be fun at all levels, and you can take on 1v1 and 3v3 daily quests for increased rewards. This is in addition to the normal rewards obtained through the matches themselves, and it’s a good idea to pick these up and complete them as often as possible.

BNS Force Master PVE Skill Guide

This is a PVE guide for soloing the game with Force Master.
The guide is for lv45 player with HongMoon level 01.
If you are interested in PVP with Force Master, you can check this guide here

Before I begin with the guide, I would like to say that this build is just a recommendation and it is based mainly on my playstyle and from advice I gathered from other players. Feel free to experiment with it and suit it to your liking.

Most people tend to play Force Master as a pure DPS, forgetting that he has a lot of other useful skill which can make him shine in the battlefield.

But unlike the other ranged classes (Summoner and the upcoming Warlock) who are easier to learn and play, in order to tap into Force Master true potential and deal the highest amount of damage possible, while keeping your healthbar high, you need a lot of practice and concetration while playing him.

The reason behind this is because Force Master hidden power lies on good use of the frost and ember stacks you inflict.

The build I’m going to present is an all-rounder, balanced between fire and ice skills with
Frost Soul as a passive skill to help boost my ice skills which offer better CC and survailability.

For those who don’t understand what I’m talking about: Force Masters who spend their skill points on Fire skills can achieve higher DPS than those who spend their skill points on Ice skills.

The difference is that Ice Builds usually have a greater advantage against bosses (and also kinda in PvP) as they can just permanently stand behind them and freeze them all they want.

So, in other words. Fire is great as DPS and Ice is great at tanking (yeah, you heard me right, you can tank bosses, if specced as full Ice) and support.


BNS Force Master PVE Skill Guide BNS Force Master PVE Skill Guide BNS Force Master PVE Skill Guide BNS Force Master PVE Skill Guide BNS Force Master PVE Skill Guide BNS Force Master PVE Skill Guide BNS Force Master PVE Skill Guide BNS Force Master PVE Skill Guide BNS Force Master PVE Skill Guide BNS Force Master PVE Skill Guide BNS Force Master PVE Skill Guide

Blade & Soul Player Sued Balde & Soul Developer

NCsoft’s kung fu MMORPG Blade & Soul just got official release on Jan 19 while most of the players are still enjoying the gameplay, a player named Mark Bright brought a charge against developer NCsoft with the California Criminal Court, for the continued “psychological trauma” caused by the summoner class in Blade & Soul.

Summoner, the class in question, is one of the playable classes in Blade & Soul. They are able to summon a feline as their companion. The feline will go everywhere the Summoner goes, fighting with their master together. Bright claimed that after playing Blade & Soul from the head start to present for a total of 36.8 hours, the Summoner class has exposed him to “excessive feline rears” and “continued exposure to inappropriate feline imagery.”

 Blade & Soul Player Sued Balde & Soul Developer

Bright also stated that this exposure not only affects his relationship with his wife but also his cat named Bagpuss in real life because the pet in Blade & Soul provided “unconditional love and affection at all times, without asking for anything in return” , which caused irreparable damage to his real life relationships.

Bright told carrotonastick how it affects his real life by the following:

Pumpkin not only listened to what I had to say, but she’d let me dress her up in anything I wanted. She was dressed as a Frog sometimes looked adorable. I tried dressing Bagpuss up in similar but I had to go to the hospital for stitches. He’s so ungrateful.

“We’d do fun things together like kill bosses or explore the countryside. My wife never wanted to do anything like that. She just sits and watches The Biggest Loser while eating Ben and Jerry’s.”

 Blade & Soul Player Sued Balde & Soul Developer

I just grew tired of constantly having to look at her backside. Everywhere we went, she was behind me blocking my view. You can’t even see my character because of the bloody cat. It’s even worse when we fly through the air together. The camera’s practically up its arse.

Bright is claiming significant mental damages as well as a public apology from NCsoft, though NCsoft has not yet responsed that.

What Bright wishes next? Well, maybe move to Fallout 4..
I’m ready to move on from Pumpkin and my wife with some money behind me. This lawsuit should do that. I think I’m more of a dog person. I hear Fallout 4 offers that kind of relationship. I just hope I don’t have to look at a Dogs backside instead. Does it walk alongside you?

[West]Vote for the best Costume design!

Blade & Soul Costume Design Contest

Cast your Vote! Choose a design to be added to Blade & Soul at launch!

We’ve received tons of entries for our Blade & Soul Costume Design Contest, but now it’s time for you, the fans, to decide which one will be made into a costume for the launch of Blade & Soul!

We tasked players to design a costume for both genders of one race, one gender for all races, or all races and genders. When choosing our finalists, we looked for a great design, original thinking, and something that really stood out. It was a very tough decision, with some amazing entries from all over the world. The NCSOFT WEST Team and Art Director at NCSOFT HQ in South Korea have made their finalists choices, so now it’s all up to you!

The contest winners will have their nickname added to the costume design item description in the game “…created by the Costume Design Contest Winner, NICKNAME.” Both winners will also receive an IRL wearable item, an exclusive poster, and $50 worth of NCoin to spend when the game launches. All of the other finalists will receive $20 worth of NCoin and an exclusive poster as well.

There will be one winner from North America and one from Europe, and both costumes will be put into the game at launch; so don’t be afraid to vote for both regions! Voting closes on July 26th at 11:59pm PDT, and winners will be announced on July 28th at 10:00am PDT on our livestream.

Remember to vote for one North American winner and one European winner! Just click the VOTE button beneath the design you want to vote for.

It is believed that you can make a choice to decide your own Blade & Soul Costume Design by click here to buy more Blade And Soul Items before the launch day.
Don’t forget to share this page and encourage friends to vote as well!