Albion Online Tank Destiny Board

Here’s an illustration using the tank Albion Online items (bottom left corner on the destiny board).


You can see an overall count of 9 nodes for the available tank gear. Each node corresponds to either the .1, .2 or the .3 line. In that sense, if someone refers to a pair of .2 plate boots, that’s the second node in the bottom row.

Each of these nodes can be unlocked by unlocking the previous node in the row. To unlock the .3 plate boots, you first have to unlock the .1 and .2 boots. If your build just includes the .1 plate chest (item in the middle of the .1 line), you can stop there and ignore any further nodes in the chest row.

Let’s assume you want to level up the .2 plate helmet for your build. You click the corresponding icon (second one in the top row) and a neat window opens:


On the left-hand side of the window, you’ve got your progression indicator. The “Unlocked Rewards” tab on the right side shows you which items you’ve already unlocked. Currently, I can wear the tier 4 version of the .2 plate boots (4.2 plate boots in other words). To unlock the tier 5 version, I would need to spend 7 learning points or acquire an additional 150k fame.

The same principles apply to all other portions of the best way to Buy Albion Online Silver. If you have any other questions, let me know.